A Shadow in RiverClan

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Erscheinungsdatum: 02. Juni 2020 (Englische Ausgabe)
Zeitliche Einordnung: Nach Stunde der Finsternis und vor Mitternacht.


"Can the past ever be forgotten?"

When RiverClan fell under the rule of the vicious tyrant Tigerstar, Feathertail and her brother, Stormfur, barely escaped with their lives. Now Tigerstar is gone, and RiverClan must move forward in unity and strength. Feathertail isn't sure she can forgive her Clanmates' betrayal. But when RiverClan takes in a rogue cat named Sasha and her two kits, Feathertail must find a way to escape the shadows of the past if she is to be a part of her Clan's future.